Dynamic Machines

Programs Used:

This was my submission for Pwnisher’s Dynamic Machines render challenge. Dynamic Machines was a community-based 3D art contest where Clinton’s challenging you to build a computer generated machine. The goal is to guide a chrome ball from the starting platform, all the way to the finish line, any way you can imagine, with any 3D program you want. In the end, everyone’s Dynamic Machine will be combined into a single, rendered video.


Project and Render Settings

  • Your render must be 450 frames long (0-449). No more. No less.
  • You must drop a 5cm (2.5cm radius) chrome ball (with gravity) into your contraption via the starting port (top left) on frame 113. No sooner. No later.
  • An identical 5cm chrome ball must completely exit the contraption via the exit port (bottom left) between frames 335 and 340. No sooner. No later.
  • Render a 1080×1920 (9:16) resolution animation. Do not make the mistake of rendering a 1920×1080 render.
  • Your final submission must be an MP4 video file, rendered in an H.264 or H.265 codec. Any other codec runs the risk of not being seen.
  • Your render must be 30fps. Not 29.97, not 24. Exactly 30fps.

Camera Settings

  • Motion blur must be set to a 1/180 shutter (0.005556 for C4D) (0.3 in Blender) *Use the “Render Example” in the project files folder to compare by eye if unsure.
  • No borders or harsh filters that may degrade your render. (This includes excessive chromatic aberration, excessive vignetting, and excessive color grading.)
  • The camera is locked at a 50mm focal length. Do not change this.
  • The camera animation is pre-set. Do not change this.
  • No camera shake.

Other Rules

  • Keep gravity flowing in the downwards direction.
  • No on-screen titles. Your render simply won’t be accepted.
  • Do not resize the borders of the “play area.” You may however decorate its appearance.
  • Sound design is highly encouraged. (though not required) *Imagine how cool the Top 100 montage will be with sound AND music!
  • Please apply a 100% reflective material to the ball.


I had a few initial ideas going into this project, but the one I liked the most was this carnival themed pinball machine.

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